SWAN XXI Trauma Conference

For those of you in Australia who are interested in trauma care, I suggest you take a look at the South West Area Network Trauma Conference, being held at Liverpool Hospital (one of Sydney’s major trauma centres) in late July 2013.

Whilst slightly inconvenient to get to (about a half hour drive from the Sydney CBD), this 2-day trauma conference will have some world-class international speakers, including Kenji Inaba (of EMRAP fame), as well as a large panel of Australian trauma luminaries.  The program looks somewhat surgically oriented, but I still think there’s enough content to interest even the most cynical Emergency Medicine practitioner, including sessions on resus strategies, pregnant and geriatric trauma, and debates on hot topics such as the use of pan-scans and tranexamic acid in trauma.

You can download the program and registration form here, and hopefully I’ll be up there for the conference, so drop me a line if you’re going, and we can tweet-up or meet-up and talk trauma.


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