ETM Podcast Episode 2 – Minh Le Cong – Trauma Airway (part 2)

Episode 2 of the podcast, and we go further into the meaty guts of the trauma airway, covering the controversial topic of cricoid pressure, dealing with the bloody airway in the spinally immobilised patient, (and the use – or lack thereof – of video laryngoscopy in this setting).  Minh also discusses the psychological implications of the term “failed airway”, and how modern concepts such as the Vortex approach to the unexpectedly difficult airway have revolutionised the management of one of the more challenging medical situations you may face.

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Emergency Trauma Management Podcast

Make sure you also check out Minh’s excellent blog, and podcast on iTunes – it’s awesome.

In case you missed it in our first post, here’s the video Minh was talking about showing the short decision time to, and rapid achievement of a surgical airway in a battlefield casualty. (You can fast forward to around the 40 minute mark to get to the airway action).


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