ETM Presentation at ACEM Winter Symposium

Amit and I were lucky enough to be invited to speak at the ACEM Winter Symposium held in Broome last weekend.  Amongst swaying palm trees, the turquoise waters of Cable Beach, stunning sunsets, and astrological marvels, as well as ED and FOAMed luminaries such as David Newman (from the mind-boggling SMARTEM podcast), Trevor Jackson (aka tjdogma), Michelle Johnston (of LITFL fame), and local meducation guru Casey Parker from BroomeDocs, we spoke about innovations in trauma education.  Fitting that Broome is the pearl capital of the world, as I came away with a bag full of educational pearls from the excellent panel of speakers.

Thanks to Casey for the personal guided tour of Broome ED, a real eye opener on dealing with trauma in remote locations. (Stay tuned for upcoming podcast with Casey!)
2013-06-13 10.12.58 copy

Broome Hospital & ED main entrance

Here’s an abbreviated slideshare of our presentation (for the powerpoint nuts we had no text on our slides in Broome!)

And here’s a little video we made of why trauma education is so important (that we played at the start of our talk to wake everyone up!)


We’d like to extend a formal thank-you to the organisers for the invitation to speak and promote the course, and we look forward to bringing you more innovations in trauma education.

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