ETM Course


Learn practical, critical trauma skills that you can use during your next major trauma resuscitation


You will be taught by expert emergency and trauma educators with a passion for trauma teaching.

Cutting edge

Course material is sourced from the latest trauma literature and FOAMed information

Blog & Podcast

We also run an ETM Course blog and podcast, which bring you the latest updates, practical tips and evidence related to emergency trauma management.


The ETM Course is accredited for CPD with ACEM, ACRRM, RACGP. GP’s can also claim the Rural Procedural Grant for this course.

Courses for everyone

This course is suitable for all doctors who manage trauma, including Emergency, ICU, Anaesthesia, Surgery and Rural General Practice.

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How can ETM help me manage trauma better?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the ETM Course cover?

The ETM Course covers theory, hands-on practical skills and procedures, and scenarios/simulation training for doctors who manage trauma in the ED.  We have reverse engineered modern Australasian trauma practice, which means that we “teach it how we do it” in the ED. At ETM you will learn how to team lead a trauma resuscitation, and how to be an effective trauma team member.

Who should attend?

The ETM Course is suitable for doctors from 3rd postgraduate year through to Fellows/Consultants who wish to learn the modern, ED focused approach to trauma reception and resuscitation. As modern trauma care involves multiple specialties, the course is definitely suitable for doctors working in Emergency, Intensive Care, Anaesthetics, Surgery, Retrieval and Rural/Remote General Practice.

Who runs the courses?

The ETM Course is administered by Emergency Trauma Management, a Melbourne based education company that specialises in emergency and trauma education. Andy Buck is the is the co-creator and current director of the ETM Course, he is the co-producer of the monthly Australian edition of the world-famous EM:RAP podcast, and also runs the free ACEM Fellowship Exam blog EDExam, and the Resus Room Management blog.

Where are the courses held?

Currently, the courses are run in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns and Darwin. In 2019 we will add another New Zealand location to our course list. Stay tuned!

Do you run other courses besides ETM?

Yes! We also run the ED Procedures Course:

  1. ED Critical Procedures Course: This is a 1-day course that allows FACEMs to complete their tri-ennial procedural CPD requirements in 1-day and advanced trainees in Emergency Medicine to upskill before working as a consultant or completing the fellowship exam. It is also suitable for GP’s and senior GP Registrars (especially rural and remote) who wish to up-skill in critical emergency medicine procedures.

More information is available on the ED Procedures website: