ETM Course – progress update

Thanks to everyone for the steady stream of inquiries about the course.  We have over 40 expressions of interest so far which is almost enough to fill the first 2 courses! If you want to put your name on our list to be notified when the course is officially launched, drop us a line via the contact page.

So where are we up to?

  • The course manual is nearing completion. Amit is doing a great job formatting the iBook, and we’ll be sending a few select people demo versions for critique soon.
  • We’re scouting locations for the ETM Course HQ.  We’ve checked out a couple of potential venues in the Melbourne CBD, so hopefully we’ll have a place to set up and call home soon.
  • I’m writing the instructor course and the ETM Course teaching plans.
  • We’re recruiting instructor trainers and instructors. If you have any teaching skills or want to get involved in instructing, drop us a line via the contact page.
  • I’ve been testing different online LMS’s (learning management systems) as we’re hoping to get the manual and a precourse test online.
  • The podcast is up and running, more episodes coming soon.
  • And that’s the easy bits. There’s lots of other logistics, educational stuff, and business stuff going on too!

So when is the course starting?

This is by far the most frequent question we’re getting, and at this stage the honest answer is – sometime before the end of the year. Why can’t we be more specific? Because there’s just too many variables at this stage to commit to a date. We’d also rather delay the start of the course to ensure we deliver a top quality experience than rush and deliver crap.

So stay tuned, suffice to say we’re spending all of our spare time on this project, I’m still working in my little office overlooking the city, and we’re burning the candle at both ends to try and get it up and running as soon as possible, and consuming a lot of Coke and those excellent jellybeans you get from the chemist along the way…




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