The trauma world mourns the loss of Dr John Hinds

Dr John Hinds whom many of you will know from his legendary appearances at SMACC, died yesterday from injuries sustained whilst providing medical cover at a motorsports event in Ireland.

All of us at ETM are deeply saddened by the loss of such an amazing trauma practitioner and educator.

The ETM flag is flying at half mast today.


John Hinds

Image courtesy of BBC News

John was campaigning for a HEMS service for Northern Ireland.

Please sign the petition started in his memory to help push this initiative forward.

Here’s some of the trauma education gold John left us with:

John’s superb talk on resuscitative thoracotomy from the recent SMACC Chicago conference

EMCrit Podcast 135 – Trauma Thoughts with John Hinds

The summary on this post is also worth a read, available here.

Cases from the races – John’s great presentation at SMACC Gold in 2014

NB: The audio was directly lifted from the RAGE Podcast site. Head over there to pay homage.

Click play on the player below, and then click through the slides.

The all-time classic cricoid debate with Brent May:

Rollcage Medic Podcast Episode 7


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