The future of trauma education

Off the back of my Pecha Kucha talk on the future of trauma education at last week’s ACEM ASM (which I never had any hope of finishing in 6min 40secs!), I’ve put together a modified screen-flow version that expands on some of the elements in that talk. Short courses like EMST, ATACC, ETC and ETM are only a small element of modern trauma education, as developments in trauma care evolve and new treatments, techniques and devices appear, short courses simply can’t cover everything. Online resources are taking all medical education topics to the masses, and modern healthcare workplaces are also creating their own training programs involving in-situ and inter-disciplinary simulation that take the key elements of trauma education and modify them to suit local needs. And lastly, the disparity between trauma education in developed and developing countries is both a challenge and an opportunity for modern trauma educators. What do you think the future of trauma education will look like?

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