New point of care TEG machine explained

I was lucky enough to attend the ACEM ASM last week in Melbourne, and saw a new device at the trade display that caught my eye. It’s a new simplified point of care TEG (thromboelastography) machine that runs with a simple cartridge.  So I grabbed the Haemonetics rep Lisa for a quick interview and she runs us through the new machine and how to interpret the results. Thanks to Nich Fern (from the new, soon to be released EMU Podcast) for the (slightly shaky) camera work!

If you want to know more about TEG and ROTEM, there’s some great information here:

Practical Haemostasis


SJTREM: Thrombelastography (TEG®): practical considerations on its clinical use in trauma resuscitation

Disclosure: I have no relationship (financial or otherwise) with Haemonetics, I just think it’s a cool new device!

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