ETM & The Vortex – SMACC Gold Presentation

I’ve just returned from the amazing SMACC Gold Conference on the Gold Coast, and what an amazing conference it was.  3 days of powerhouse Emergency and Critical Care from the cream of the medical education crop.

We were lucky enough to be invited to speak in the education forum, and rather than dish out a boring old Powerpoint presentation, we teamed up with the guys from the Vortex, and did a live scenario, demonstrating some of the trauma resus skills you learn on the ETM Course, as well as the Vortex approach to the unanticipated difficult airway, live on stage, followed by a brief feedback session with the audience.

SMACC ETM Vortex Medium

The scenario demonstrated the team approach to trauma resuscitation taught on the ETM Course, and how this helps manage multiple, complex, simultaneous events that are proceeding at different rates, rather than the traditional, linear A/B/C/D approach. This Resus Room Management approach is one of the key things that differentiates ETM from other trauma courses.

I’m guessing by some of the feedback we got that it was pretty well received.  This is compliment from Rob Rogers, (of iTeachEM fame, and one of the most highly regarded Emergency Medicine educators on the planet), made my day!

ETM Vortex Rob Rogers

And here’s the “Awesome Card”:

Rob Rogers Awesome Card

UPDATE: Here’s Rob’s synopsis of the SMACC Conference over at iTeachEM.

So thanks to everyone who came along and attended our session, and I’d very much like to thank Chris Nickson and the rest of the SMACC Team for offering us the oppourtunity to showcase the course at the conference, as well as our assistants on the day, including:

Tim Gray (@timgray61)

Noush Perera (@noushperera)

Tim Leeuwenburg (@KangarooBeach , KIDocs & Rural Doctors Net)

John Dyett (@johndyett)

Robert Simpson (@AmboFOAM & AmboFOAM blog)

There are already multiple blog posts summarising the rest of the conference, and you can check some of them out here, here, and here.

Suffice to say, this was without a doubt the best conference I’ve been to, and only promises to be bigger and better next year when SMACC launches overseas, as the 2015 conference will be held in Chicago in May. So start planning your leave now!



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