We love your feedback (and the 5-star reviews)!

Running a course like ETM is challenging, at times exhausting but ultimately extremely rewarding when you see the improvement in participants knowledge, skills and confidence in managing major trauma over the 3-days of the course. This reward is amplified when we read the feedback about the course from participants and especially so when we receive 5-star reviews on sites like Facebook and Google, as well as personal emails from people who tell us how the skills they learned on the course have translated into practice improvements that have enabled them to more confidently and skilfully manage a sick trauma patient.

I’d like to personally thank those of you who’ve taken the time write reviews or email us with additional positive feedback about the course.

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If you’ve done the course and would like to add an online review you can do so here:

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Click link above, then click on the stars under “Tell people what you think” – red arrow below – (make sure you click on 5 stars!) and feel free to leave a comment.

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Log in to Google or Gmail and do a Google search for “ETM Course” (or click on the link above) and in the box on the right hand side click on “Write a review” – red arrow below.

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Here’s some of the online reviews we’ve had so far:

ETM review 1 ETM review 2 ETM review 3 ETM review 4 ETM review 4

And here’s an email we received after our last Melbourne course, thanks Suzi!

ETM Course Feedback

Thanks again for the great feedback and we look forward to reading more great reviews in the future!

Andy Buck

ETM Course Director

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