Another cric video

This one’s a bit more controlled than the military helicpoter video, and more useful from an instructional point of view. Bill Hinckley shows us how to use the scalpel-bougie technique, but adds the mantra “don’t relinquish control of the trachea”, which is akin to “don’t let go of the wire” when using the seldinger technique for lines. He has the benefit of the often recommended trachea hook, and dilator, which may not be available in all ED’s, but you can really see the utility of these two simple pieces of equipment.  Probably worth checking if your airway trolley has these pieces of equipment, and if not, you should consider ordering them.


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  1. Tim Leeuwenburg

    No tracheal hook? Just get a green needle luer lock to 5 or 10ml syringe, then bend the end of the needle into a 90 degree bend – et voila! You now have a tracheal hook.

    Of course the well-set up resus room has all the kit in appropriate difficult airway location.

    But this has got me out of trouble in 2 of the five surgical airways I have had to do so far… Espec useful if scabbing kit from ambos or working in the rural setting where we have just the basics!

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