The First ED Focused Trauma Course

The First ED Focused Trauma Course

What is the ETM Course?
The Emergency Trauma Management Course is the first Emergency focused trauma course. Designed by Emergency Physicians, it teaches trauma management from the Emergency Medicine perspective, “how we really do it” in the ED.
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Feedback from the inaugural ETM Course:
“Your inaugural course exceeded my expectations. The teaching methods, assessment and management principles are in keeping with how we look to run our trauma. I will be strongly encouraging our registrars to undertake the ETM course”.
Alan – FACEM, NZ

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Launched in November 2013, the Emergency Trauma Management Course sets a new paradigm for the teaching of Emergency Department trauma management.

Our course manual is available in i-Book and pdf format, allowing for frequently updated, cutting edge content delivery including digital images, videos, links to external sites and more. And it’s environmentally friendly with no paper waste!

If you would like to know more about the ETM Course, please drop us a line via our Contact Page. Alternatively you can call Dr Andy Buck on +61 413 786 762, or Dr Amit Maini on +61 406 881 399.