Can I access the ETM Course online manual?

The ETM Course Manual is a Free Open Access Medical Education (FOAMed) resource.

The manual site is a fully referenced, indexed, peer-reviewed, interactive online trauma manual, that is accessible from any internet connected device with a browser. Currently there is no offline version.

Will I have access to the online lectures?

Yes. Nurse observers are required to view the online lectures prior to Day 2 of the course. A link to these lectures will be supplied two weeks prior to the course.

How many nurses can attend each course?

A maximum of 4 nurse observers can attend each course.

Can I attend and participate in the small group/procedure sessions?

The nurse observer may attend all small group/procedures teaching sessions. Priority to actively participate in procedural skills, practice will be given to medical practitioners in order to facilitate their competency of the skills (as many of the procedural skills are outside the scope of practice of nursing staff). If time permits, at the discretion of the instructors, nursing participants may undertake procedural skill practice.

Can I participate in the simulation scenarios?

During scenarios, nurse observers will act in their scope of practice as an RN and attend duties as directed by the Team Leader, for example:

  • Attaching monitoring
  • Drug administration
  • Other duties as directed by the Team Leader
    • IV access
    • Assistance with intubation (airway nurse role)
    • Wound management
    • Other duties

One of the aims of the ETM Course is for all participants to gain a better understanding of the challenges and difficulties associated with being a team leader during the resuscitation of a multi-injured trauma patient.

The level of experience and exposure to the management of critically unwell patients and the healthcare resources available (nursing staff expertise, equipment etc.) differs significantly amongst medical participants. For some participants, the simulations they undertake as part of the three day ETM program are their initial exposure to the demanding role of medical team leader.

To best facilitate the mastery of this role, the Faculty at ETM request that you do not pre-empt medical interventions as you would normally in your role as an Emergency Nurse. We appreciate that this may feel awkward as some of your clinical nursing interventions are now intuitive and spontaneous!

We request that you wait for direction from the medical team leader prior to undertaking any clinical intervention. When undertaking the clinical intervention, please implement it according to your current level of knowledge and skill.

Do I need to undertake any assessments?

The nurse observer is required to complete the pre-course MCQ test and either submit it via email to the course coordinator prior to attendance or bring a completed answer sheet and hand it to the course coordinator on the first morning.

On the final day of the program, the nurse observer is required to complete the post-course MCQ and submit it for marking.

Nurse observers are not required to sit the Day 1 or Day 3 OSCE tests.

Can I attend the Friday night social function?

Yes! We would very much like nurse observers to attend the social function.

Will I be issued with a Certificate of Attendance?

The nurse observer will be provided with a certificate of attendance at the completion of the course. In order to be awarded the certificate, the nurse observer must attend all timetabled teaching sessions of the program. You will receive a certificate for 22 hours of attendance.

If you have any further questions regarding the ETM Course Nurse Observer role, please call 03 8672 5945

or email: