ANZCA Trainees and Fellows – ETM Qualifies for ANZCA CPD

Are you an Australian or New Zealand Anaesthetic Registrar or Fellow? Then we would love to see you at an ETM Course. ETM qualifies under the new ANZCA 2014 CPD program, Knowledge and Skills category, for 42 Credits. Details are in the new ANZCA CPD Handbook (as a short course with 21 hours of teaching time).

In most hospitals Anaesthetists and Anaesthetic Registrars attend trauma calls and are required to function as part of the trauma team, usually to manage the airway, however depending on location and staff skill mix, they may be required to team lead the trauma resuscitation.  It is therefore important that our anaesthetic colleagues know how to function effectively in an ED team-based resuscitation setting. No other course teaches this.

Anaesthetic-relevant content on ETM:

  • Review and practice trauma airway skills including surgical airway and the Vortex approach to the unanticipated difficult airway
  • Learn how to function as a trauma team member and trauma team leader in a non-operating-theatre environment
  • Learn resuscitation room management skills
  • Update your knowledge on anaesthetic-relevant topics such as vascular access, massive transfusion, damage control surgery and resuscitative thoracotomy

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